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Insect and rodent control.

Over 25 years experience in Pest Control
We can help with all types of insect & rodent problem

Pest Control Service in Kent

Customer Comment :

Dear Mr Cook,

I am writing to express my great satisfaction with the prompt service of your company, in dealing with and eradicating the presence of some vermin in our loft.

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Commercial Maintenance Contracts
From - £50 per visit

We can provide commercial maintenance contracts to comply with current legislation for small retail and catering outlets in Sussex.

Please call on 0800 092 9882 or 0800 056 0222 to discuss your requirements.

Common Rat Cockroach

New legislation

Changes to legislation from June 2016 require a certified person to lay rodenticides in farm situations.

Call us now for special rates before legislation becomes active.

Call on 0800 092 9882 or 0800 056 0222 to discuss your requirements.

FREEPHONE - 0800 092 9882 or 0800 056 0222
Mobile - 07767 875626

Protect Pest Control are professional pest control specialists providing a service to Domestic, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural customers.

The Proprietor is an Associate of the Royal Society of Health with over 25 years experience in Pest Control, qualified to DIP RSH Level 2 Standard (Royal Society of Health Diploma)  and is experienced in controlling all the common pests found in and around homes, factories, offices, farms, restaurants, hotels, etc. including:

  • Fumigation.
  • Removal of wasp nests.
  • Control of rats, mice, flies, fleas, moths, squirrels, bed bugs, ants, woodlice, cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, bees, hornets, spiders etc.

All pests are dealt with efficiently in a humane manner, using methods and products which are fully compliant with current legislation.

We Provide a High Quality Service at Very Competitive Prices.

  • We provide a fast response to call-outs - NO CALL OUT CHARGE.
  • Products used in homes are suitable for domestic use and measures are taken to prevent hazards to occupants, children, pets and non-target species.
  • All work is carried out in accordance with COSHH Compliance Regulations - Health & Safety Data sheets are left on site.
  • All our work is fully guaranteed.
  • For business clients we can provide a maintenance service with regular visits and inspections to help control pests on an ongoing basis.
  • We charge the same rates throughout the county regardless of location - no mileage charges.
  • We do not leave a mess behind!

Areas covered include Ashford, Maidstone, Royal Tunbridge Wells and all surrounding areas of Kent..

Number of Visits Required

The number of visits required during typical treatments are as follows:

  • Rodents, including squirrels - three visits.
  • Bed bugs and cockroaches - minimum of three visits.
  • Wasps and hornets one visit only required.
  • Fleas, flies, ants and woodlice - typically one visit.
  • Moths and spiders are surveyed and customer advised as to likelihood of repeats being necessary.

Please call on our Freephone number to make an appointment for a visit, or click here for our contact form.


Pest Control Case Study


Rodents form the bulk of Pest Control work and can be encountered at any time of year regardless of seasons, although the autumn / winter months are the busiest times for dealing with them.

Over the years I have dealt with literally thousands of situations relating to Rats, some of those jobs have been more memorable than others.

On one occasion I was called to a public house, bar snacks had been disappearing, boxes of crisp packets chewed open and clearly rat activity emanating from the cellar, so far so good. However there was a very strong smell within the public area of the pub and I had not yet laid poison, neither had the landlord or any of his staff. For some time this smell had got steadily worse, although the staff had not detected the source and customers had begun to mention it.

I suggested that the box type seating be lifted and there under one seat was a decomposing rat. Customers had sat on him for several days none the wiser.

Once he was removed a ‘masking scent’ was laid, rodenticide placed in all likely areas and a small entry point was blocked at basement level. The job was completed satisfactorily within a fortnight.

On another occasion I was called to a domestic premise, building and plumbing work had recently taken place and holes had been drilled through brickwork for new pipes to the kitchen utilities. However there were still considerable gaps to be seen where cementing should have occurred; and rats disturbed in the general area by the building work had entered the house straight into the kitchen.

The owner of the house had noticed something being amiss for some time with cereals and other foodstuff regularly being stolen. When she saw rats moving about the kitchen during the day, I was called. The ‘plinth’ to the sink unit and cupboard was removed and bait placed. The roof space was baited regardless of any sign to the roof void. I wanted the property baited top to bottom. Poison was taken in quantity over a considerable length of time. Bodies of rats were removed periodically and on one visit I came eye to eye with one of the offending animals when I lay on the floor to remove the plinths again to re-bait. Sometime later the bait was collected up, the job had been done. The owner moved back into the house and started to disinfect throughout. Those gaps near the pipe work were filled in.

Although a great deal about rodents, rats in particular, are myths and very distorted, they are great opportunists. Generally speaking a well maintained property and limited feeding of birds / wildlife lessens your chances of a problem.


Anyone working with Pest Control will have a host of stories about large wasp nests or nests in very strange places. Wasps really seem to upset people and they are the number one summertime pest to be dealt with.

My advice to anyone with wasps is to not attempt work yourselves, they pose a considerable risk and a professional should be called.

I have dealt with thousands over the years in many strange situations. I have removed them from bird nest boxes, rolls of old carpet, old pieces of stored furniture to toilet cisterns, but the bulk are found flying at gutter / soffit level. This being an entrance to a nest found in the attic or lower eaves level. Powder insecticide is normally blown onto this area and the wasps pick this up on their bodies and die off over the next twenty four hours.

One occasion I recall was a little different. Wasps had entered a wall of a cottage, they had pushed against blown plaster and the wall paper till a blister type shape had occurred, eventually like a blister it had burst, the bedroom filled with wasps.

I sprayed a flying insecticide aerosol to the room and entered to treat the nest, once kitted out properly. A knockdown fluid was sprayed to the hole in the wall, and the wall and the nest pulled out piece by piece. Order was restored; all that remained was for the householder to sweep up the bodies of some of the nest inhabitants.

This was an extreme situation; the wasps would not have caused such damage if dealt with earlier.

Always chose someone experienced and fully insured to deal with wasps, avoid the daft idea of setting fire to trees, or pouring petrol over them. These kinds of actions will ruin your garden, potentially be a threat to your house and are the actions of an amateur.

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